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  Dive Courses for Scientists ​


     I am a padi dive Instructor (194008) able and authorized to train and certify divers in several levels, from Open Water Diver (OWD) to Divemaster (DM) including EFR (Emergency First Response). In this dive courses for scientists I demonstrate the application for each speciality of dive requirement in the oceanographic sciences.

   In addition I developed a special course specific to scientific diving for marine scientists and amateur marine environlemtal enthusiasts focusing on how to perform underwater monitoring of marine life. This course involves 5 UVC (Underwater Visual Census) tecniques: 1) Quadrat and photo quadrat; 2) Belt Transect and Video Transect; 3) Plot Stationary Survey and Video Stationary survey; 5) Random Swim survey (visual and video); and 5) Manta Tow survey. 

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Classes and Lectures


  Based on my background I offer Classes, lectures or short courses on a wide range of topics such as; marine biology, scientific diving, Taxonomy, Carcinology etc. All covered topics can be taught according to the academic level of students. 

     Suggested topics:

  • Biological Oceanography

  • Marine Biology

  • Coastal Ecosystems

  • Techniques for scientific diving

  • Underwater Monitoring

  • Ecology, Taxonomy and morphology of decapods

  • Marine Biogeography

  • Marine Ecology

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