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Dynamic lecturer and researcher with over 7 years of experience post PhD, leading local, national and international researches, education and outreach activities, as well as advising undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Published over a dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles, co/authored 4 books, in addition to several patents and technical protocols. Proven expertise in attracting government grants and private funding for a range of research projects. Managed directly or indirectly to secure and administer nearly $6 million in funds during my short career span for high quality scientific researches of local, regional, and global importance. Proven success leveraging truly international experiences to navigate complex cross-cultural environments and build highly collaborative teams. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Taxonomy & Systematic

  • Benthic Ecology

  • Marine Biology

  • Population & Community Dynamics

  • Coral reefs and Mangroves

  • Coastal and Offshore 

  • Animal Behavior

  • Underwater Monitoring

  • Marine Invertebrates 

  • Ecosystem Restoration 

  • Environmental Policy

  • Environmental Management 

  • Biogeography & Phylogeny

  • Fisheries

  • Project Management

  • Oceanography

  • Biomimicry  

  • Development of New Technologies

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